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Training & Technical Services

Customer service training is the training and teaching that employees undergo to improve customer support and satisfaction. It’s an iterative process that involves teaching skills, competencies and tools needed to better serve customers, so they derive more value from products and services.

Technical training refers to specific vocational training, meaning the hard skills that employees need to perform their daily job tasks and that managers can clearly measure in terms of proficiency.

You will diagnose and troubleshoot technical problems and help our customers install applications and programs. Technical Support Engineer responsibilities include resolving Bacnet network issues and integration with systems.

The planning horizon for technical training is shorter because of rapid changes in technology, equipment and therefore technical training content must be refreshed more frequently than non-technical training. This need for constant updating of technical training results in a shorter shelf life.

Technical training is the process of helping employees improve the practical skills they use on the job. Unlike communications or leadership training, which aim to improve a person’s soft skills, technical training focuses on what people do each day.

The following is a list of the most common types of learning and development programs:

  • Orientation.
  • Onboarding. 
  • Technical skills development. 
  • Soft skills development. 
  • Products and services training. 
  • Quality training. 
  • Safety training. 
  • Team training.

Training is a process of enhancing skills, knowledge, competencies of employees so that they can perform present jobs. The basic objective of the training is to help the organization to achieve its goals by adding value to the employees.