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Error Codes

The error code is a specific number that identifies what the error is to the system. It also can be helpful in finding a resolution to the problem. If you’re getting an error code, search for the error code number and where you’re getting the error to find a resolution.

A system error is a software malfunction that causes the operating system to no longer work properly. System errors are commonly fatal and may require a hardware device to be repaired or replaced.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In the system devices, a return code, an error code is a numbered or alphanumeric code that is used to determine the nature of an error, and why it occurred.

Below mentioned are few tips that when followed, error messages can also provide a pleasant experience to the user:

  • Be Clear and Not Ambiguous.
  • Be Short and Meaningful.
  • Don’t Use Technical Jargons.
  • Be Humble — Don’t Blame User.
  • Avoid Negative Words.
  • Give Direction to User.
  • Be Specific and Relevant.
  • Avoid Uppercase Text.

Error Message Guidelines. Summary: Established wisdom holds that good error messages are polite, precise, and constructive. The Web brings a few new guidelines: Make error messages clearly visible, reduce the work required to fix the problem and educate users along the way. Shows the status codes flashed by the amber status light. Most system problems can be diagnosed by reading the status code as flashed by the amber status light on the control board.

The codes are flashed by a series of short and long flashes of the status light. The short flashes indicate the first digit in the status code, followed by long flashes indicating the second digit of the error code. A NOTE ABOUT SAFETY Any time you see this symbol in manuals, instructions, on the unit and be aware of the potential for personal injury. There are three levels of precaution: DANGER identifies the most serious hazards which will result in severe personal injury or death. WARNING signifies hazards that could result in personal injury or death. CAUTION is used to identify unsafe practices which would result in minor personal injury or product and property damage. NOTE is used to highlight suggestions that will result in enhanced installation, reliability or operation.

PERSONAL INJURY, DEATH AND / OR PROPERTY DAMAGE HAZARD Failure to follow this warning could result in personal injury, death or property damage. Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service, maintenance or use can cause an explosion, fire, electrical shock or other conditions which may cause personal injury or property damage. Consult a qualified installer, service agency, your distributor or branch for information or assistance. The qualified installer or service agency must use factory–authorized kits or accessories when modifying this product. Read and follow all instructions and warnings, including labels shipped with or attached to unit before operating your new air conditioner.

ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD Failure to follow this warning could result in personal injury or death. Disconnect all electrical power to the indoor air handler or furnace before removing access panels to perform any maintenance. Disconnect power to both the indoor and outdoor units.