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Centrifugal Chiller Descaling Works

 Centrifugal Chiller Descaling Works:

When isolating and cleaning the barrel on a tube chiller, chiller tower or cooling chiller, RYDLYME descale will circulate through the waterside and completely dissolve the scale into a liquid suspension, easily cleaning the hard to reach areas such as tube enhancements.


Chiller efficiency is affected more by the cleanliness of heat transfer surfaces than any other single factor. Given the fact that a chiller typically can have several miles of tubing making up the condenser and evaporator, it makes sense to keep chiller tubes as clean as possible by using a combination of water treatment and planned outages for tube cleaning and other major maintenance tasks.

As contaminants accumulate on chiller tube surfaces, efficiency declines rapidly. Contaminants can range from mud, sand, and algae to hard mineral scales, which increase thermal resistance and cause the chiller to work harder to meet demand, thereby consuming more energy.